Belo Horizonte International Airport


Renovation and esplansion of international airport | 2015

Location Belo Horizonte, MG
Area 157 650,00 m²
Type infrastructure
Stage built

The Project for the Belo Horizonte International Airport consists of the renovation of the existent passenger terminal (TPS1) and the construction of a new terminal (TPS2). The TPS1 renovation repositions the commercial areas for the airside, besides the adaptation for new security standards. The original design, from the modernist architect Milton Ramos, is a legacy for Brazilian architecture, which the renovation tries at its best to maintain. The concept for the implantation of the new passenger terminal was to explore the existing aircraft yard, inclining the terminal in a way to ensure the aircrafts circulation and increase the area for future commercial exploration in the landside. The solution created a diagonal pier that minimized interferences in the road system, avoiding additional structures.