Bacco Arquitetos is a multidisciplinary company that has been operating for 25 years. It has always sought to align the business side with that of the “atelier” of architecture and urbanism, where discussions and reflection guide the conception of space.

They are not specialists in airports, even though they already have two important airports under construction (Vitória airport and international airport of Belo Horizonte) and being responsible for the conception of 4 other projects of international airports. They are specialists in space. They operate with a diversified range of projects ranging from Logistic Centers to Institutional Buildings, from Executive Plans to Residential and Industrial Buildings.

The Bacco team therefore acts as a nucleus for the development, coordination and quality control of projects, as well as implementing partnerships with qualified personnel for the provision of services. The works of Bacco Arquitectos have received publications in several specialized magazines, in addition to two projects that are part of the permanent collection of the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris: the Transfer Stations of the system of bus corridors of the city of São Paulo and the Residencial Pedro Facchini of Cohab.








Marcelo Barbosa



Jupira Corbucci